Enabling Your Endeavour


What we do:

We lend for business purposes only.

  • Asset Finance – Lease/ Rental & HP – up to 5 years
  • Real Estate Finance – Development & Bridging – up to 2 years (longer by circumstances)
  • Structured Finance/ Working Capital – creating bespoke cash-flow profiles – up to 5 years

We seek to understand your specific requirements so that we may develop a financing package tailored to those needs.

We appreciate that finance works best when the capital funds remain with you as long as possible.

We are an independent capital provider with our own resources free from matrix underwriting criteria.

Types of assets:

Real Estate, Commercial Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Construction Equipment, Agriculture, Waste & Recycling, Catering, Event & Hospitality, Well Being, Plant & Machinery and more.

We will consider almost any asset purchase, re-financing, working capital injection or funding that adds incremental value to your business.

Our Focus:

Providing entrepreneurs with the capital & assets required for growth & prosperity.


Enabling Your Endeavour

Clients seek us out for our ability to deliver individually tailored financing solutions that might not be available from more conventional channels.